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Welthee – the disruptive block chain platform that helps you create passive streams of income with Zero Risk and Zero Commission. Ultra Safe and with a lot of benefits.

Zero Risk

Zero Commission

Ultra Safe

Passive Income

What is Welthee

made easy

Welthee is a revolutionary platform that is profitable, easy to understand and that makes investment accessible to everyone.

It’s the friend you turn to for advice and the mentor that helps you learn your way through the investment market.

Welthee Ecosystem

Patent pending risk
mitigation method

The risk mitigation method is a revolutionary tool that allows investors to earn money without risk of losing the money invested.


Portfolios are created by an advanced Artificial Intelligence system and are managed by a smart contract.

recurring investments

By choosing recurring investments, users can earn money without having to spend their time managing investments.


Multiple ways to earn passive income by allocating funds to fully automated portfolios or funds.


Institutions will be able to manage noncustodial accounts for their clients with their own money managers.


Users will be provided with a debit card that is linked to the universal wallet and that can be used anywhere in the world.

Universal wallet

All assets are held in a very secure, non-custodial wallet, which allows the user to control their funds at all times.

Rebalancing Portfolios

The assets in rebalancing portfolios are allocated and redistributed to benefit from maximum chances for profit.

Welthee Investing

Welthee is a non-custodial, highly secure platform that empowers users to build their wealth in a secure and risk-free way.

Welthee Token

Passive income generators.

Institutional Master Account.

Rent them and earn interest.

Invest them in portfolio and earn profits.

Use them to qualify as a Money Manager.

Invest them with zero volatility risk.

Welthee Card


The debit card can be used to receive monthly income just as any other card.

Invest and
save money

Buy tokens and invest them in low-, medium- or high-risk portfolios.


Suitable for paying monthly recurring bills or other daily expenses.

Send and
receive funds

The card allows you to send and receive funds anywhere in the world.

Give or
receive loans

Earn interest or use a common pool of assets to earn more money.

Welthee Benefits

Ultra secure platform

On Welthee’s non-custodial platform, users have full control over their finances via their own devices. Because none of the assets are held on the platform, hacking it is virtually impossible.

Near ZERO volatility investment

Welthee eliminates volatility for risk-averse investors through a patent-pending risk mitigation method that brings together no-risk, variable-risk, and high-risk investors.

Ultra secure platform

The utility token can be used in various ways to earn passive income: token rental, loans and interest, low-risk liquidity pool, high-risk liquidity pool, low-risk portfolios, and high-risk portfolios.

Zero entry threshold

There is no minimum amount required for investing, so you can start earning money right now.

No commissions

Users can invest, trade, deposit or withdraw funds without worrying about fees and commissions.

Better decisions

Once a portfolio is in the market, you can no longer withdraw your money or cancel your operations.

Welthee is for:

Entry-level investors
with no experience

People who are looking to build passive income





How it Works

How Welthee Works

Welthee is the place where entry-level and experienced investors join forces for the greater good.

The centerpiece of the platform is the patent-pending risk mitigation method, which allows risk-free investments for no-risk investors.

Thanks to sophisticated Artificial Intelligence systems, the platform combines high-risk, variable-risk, and no-risk investors into a single portfolio.

The risk is fully covered by the high-risk investor, who is in for a high reward, if the investment is profitable. If not, the no-risk investor has its invested money guaranteed, and can reinvest it.


What we offer

Welthee Services
& Products

Automated Recurring Investments

Short-term recurring portfolios allow users to invest once and earn profits multiple times, without having to manage their investment.

Automated Recurring Investments

Users can invest in buy & hold portfolios, where the assets are automatically redistributed to increase the chances of profit.

Low & High-Risk
Liquidity Pools

Welthee users have full control over their money. For every investment, they get to choose the risk level starting with ZERO risk up to 100%.


The debit card is linked to the user's account and can be used for payments in fiat or crypto anywhere in the world.


Parents can open sub accounts for their children, where they can invest in active or passive portfolios and save money for the future.

Money Manager & Institutional Accounts

Experienced users can earn money by becoming money managers for other accounts. The option is viable for individual and institutional accounts.

What we offer

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What we offer

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What other
says about Welthee

"Welthee is going to provide for both first time investors and experienced ones a great easy to use and secure way to diversify in several asset classes. Cutting the middleman is going to save a lot of money."

Thomas P.

"Welthee is going to be so easy and fun to use! I have been evaluating and providing feedback for the MVP and I can’t wait to create my own account as soon as the app is up and running."

Clara S.

"This is very accessible! I am glad to see that I will be able to start investing with a small amount. In just a few minutes, I understood how it works. I am looking forward to seeing the future beta version, when available."

Laura V.

"This online investment platform is going to revolutionize the way people will invest. The fact that you can choose the exact risk you are willing to take and see the exact potential profit is amazing."

Robert G

"I am someone who doesn't like risk. I have always had reservations regarding exposing my money to the open markets. But I've heard other peoples' success stories which have sparked my curiosity for this kind of investments. I am glad to see that using Welthee I will be able to start with a small amount of money and I can choose the level of risk I am comfortable with. I am looking forward to the release of this platform! "

Andreea O.

"Welthee is exactly what I was looking for. I learned about investments by the book, but I never actually had the courage to invest my money. Now I will be able to invest with zero risk – at least until I get the hang of it and grow the courage to risk a bit more."

Michael F.