Freequently asked Questions

1.General Questions

1.1 Blockchain

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions
and tracking assets in a business network. An asset can be tangible (a house, car, cash, land) or
intangible (intellectual property, patents, copyrights, branding). Virtually anything of value can
be tracked and traded on a blockchain network, reducing risk and cutting costs for all involved.

What are the advantages to being on a Blockchain platform?

Answer 1: The basic advantages of Blockchain technology are decentralization, immutability, security, and transparency.

Answer 2:

❏ The blockchain technology allows for verification without having to be dependent on
❏ The data structure in a blockchain is append-only. So, the data cannot be altered or
❏ It uses protected cryptography to secure the data ledgers. Also, the current ledger is
dependent on its adjacent completed block to complete the cryptography process.
❏ All the transactions and data are attached to the block after the process of maximum
trust verification. There is a consensus of all the ledger participants on what is to be
recorded in the block.
❏ The transactions are recorded in chronological order. Thus, all the blocks in the
blockchain are time stamped.
❏ The ledger is distributed across every single node in the blockchain who are the
participants. So, it is distributed.
❏ The transactions stored in the blocks are contained in millions of computers participating
in the chain. Hence it is decentralized. There is no possibility that the data if lost cannot
be recovered.
❏ The transactions that take place are transparent. The individuals who are provided
authority can view the transaction.
❏ The origin of any ledger can be tracked along the chain to its point of origin.

❏ Since various consensus protocols are needed to validate the entry, it removes the risk
of duplicate entry or fraud.
❏ With the smart contracts, the businesses can pre-set conditions on the blockchain. The
automatic transactions are triggered only when the conditions are met.

Who controls Blockchain’s system?

Most blockchains are not controlled by any single entity and do not have a single point of failure. All the entries are viewable by the whole network.

What is a smart contract?

Smart contracts are self-executing, business automation applications that run on a decentralized
network such as blockchain.

Why is the Security Phrase, or SEED, important?

The seed of any wallet, normally known as the 12 secret or seed words, is just a mnemonic
phrase generated from the private key of your wallet. These 12 seed words allow you to regain
access to your wallet even after losing your credentials (i.e user ID, password).

How many passwords do I have?

one for card, one for digital wallet, and the SID 12 words pass

1.2 Crypto

What is a crypto token?

Cryptocurrency tokens are fungible digital assets that can be used as mediums of exchange
(traded) inside of the issuing blockchain project’s ecosystem. They are best described by how
they serve the end user. Think of tokens as the foods that nourish blockchain-based ecosystems.

What are the differences between a crypto token and crypto coin?

Answer 1: Coins are native to their own blockchain. Whilst tokens have been built on top of another blockchain

Answer 2: coins usually are used for 1 thing (payments), while tokens have various use cases,
which can include payments but also other things. For instance, when comparing a coin or
cryptocurrency vs. utility token, utility tokens are used to access a product or service.

1.3 Digital Wallets

What is a digital wallet?

There are different types of digital wallets; cryptocurrency wallets let people connect to services
to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. They also act a way to store the user’s cryptographic private
key, needed to perform these transactions. In essence, your cryptocurrency wallet holds the
private keys to your assets sitting on a blockchain and lets you transact by “signing” orders.

Is it better to have one or more wallets on Blockchain?

The decision to use multiple wallets usually comes down to convenience and security.

Can I have more FIAT coins from a single digital wallet?

There are usually multiple wallets within the wallet app, one for each type of fiat currency.

Do I need different wallets for every FIAT coin I want to withdraw?

Technically yes, in many if not all cases you will usually have a different wallet address for the
different fiat types, however many apps or exchanges allow for you to see all your wallets in one place, making things much less confusing.

1.4 Exchanges

What is an exchange on Blockchain?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are online platforms in which you can exchange one kind of digital asset for another based on the market value of the given assets.

What are the main differences from a classic exchange and an exchange from Blockchain?

Cryptocurrency exchanges operate 24/7 including on public holidays; crypto, as opposed to
stocks, does not attribute ownership of the company in most cases; Crypto exchanges are a lot
more accessible as there are very few steps required in order to start trading; there tends to be
lower fees involved with crypto exchanges as there are currently far fewer regulations surrounding them.

Why is it better to work with multiple exchanges on Blockchain?

Putting your crypto assets in different exchanges and different currencies can help in minimizing the risks involved in investing and trading.

Some have multiple exchange accounts due to other reasons, such as differences in coin value, exchange rate, trade volume, and other factors.

1.5 Investment Industry

2.Welthee Token

2.1 Token Utility

Does Welthee token have its own exchange?

There will be the option for Welthee token owners to exchange their tokens into other cryptocurrencies and also into USD and EUR

Why would I choose Welthee at the expense of another currency?

Welthee, as a promise, wants to help people move towards financial freedom, to have many
streams of passive income, and to reduce risk — this being one of the most important things that is central to the platform — the reduction of risk.

Of course, it is not wise to invest in a single currency. I wouldn’t tell anyone to just invest in
Welthee — when you invest, it’s good to diversify your risk as much as possible. Although, in the
Welthee platform, everyone will be able to diversify, because there will be multiple portfolios and they will be able to manage more types of portfolios.

2.2 Tokenomics

When will staking begin for the tokens we already purchased?

The staking feature is currently projected for Q3 2021

Are you considering a token burning mechanism?

10% of the company’s profits will be used for buy-back — leading to fewer tokens on the market

What are the other two blockchains?

Our second blockchain is Polygon (

Polygon is an interoperability and scaling framework for building interconnected blockchain
networks and its multi-chain system resolves the traditional Ethereum’s issues of throughput
and scaling. It also has very low gas fees and fast execution.

Because of the exorbitant gas fees and congestion on Ethereum, we plan to issue tokens for all
our clients, including the tokens for the bonding curve, on Polygon. Please bear in mind that this
will require more development time on Polygon and we will adjust the roadmap accordingly as
soon as possible.

If you would like to review further technical details, please feel free to check out their
technology ( and documentation

The third blockchain will be announced on September 1st.

How much of the 10 billion on ETH will be in circulation?

I believe it will be under 1% due to the number of tokens being sold, as only 20% of the tokens
will be immediately available, so in the beginning, I think it will be under 1%.

2.3 Token Sale

Are US citizens allowed to invest in Welthee?


How can I be sure that I will receive my vested tokens?

The vested tokens will be distributed by smart contract. Let’s say if we need to do it in a year, we
will put on this blockchain 12 pieces of contracts like this with an established, irrevocable and
unmodifiable beneficiary and we will set a release date when these tokens can be withdrawn
from the contract.

So. you should think of it as a guaranteed piggy bank by the network out of which nobody else
can withdraw the tokens, only the beneficiary, and only after the set time expires.

We made the decision to only use formally audited contracts, that means that it is
mathematically proven that the contract always goes through.

Is there a way to delete an account now? Is the KYC security implemented during the private sale or only after? Can I transfer my tokens from an account with no KYC to one with KYC earlier than 12 months?

We are required by the law to do the KYC and temporarily, because transfers are done through
the banking system, there is a KYC that the bank also does.Now, if you have tokens and you
want to send any amount of that 20% to another wallet, we have no control over that. Yes,
when someone has tokens that are free, they can send them to someone else even if the other
person doesn’t have KYC, we have no control over that.

2.3.1 Private Sale

Can I use crypto to buy WELT during the private sale?

You can, but in this case the contract would need to be made in English as only the Swiss company is able to accept crypto payments.

If I buy in right now will a transfer occur right away so that I can see the ownership of it on a wallet like Metamask? If so, where can I find the token’s hash to inspect it on Etherscan?

We are currently in a private sale stage. This means the tokens will be visible in a private
environment not in a wallet like Metamask. We are currently working on the vesting feature
that will allow users to see their tokens on their wallet. However the fees that we are witnessing
on Ethereum seem to be slightly disadvantageous for our investors, a fact that is challenging us
to find maybe a new approach to this. We will provide further updates on this.

What happens after 3 months? (talking about 3 month loan agreement)

Everyone who has made an investment will be contacted and we will invite you to sign a
novation contract — our lawyers, with our accountants, gave me a contract to sign together
with each of those who invested, in order to transfer the amounts which you have invested in
blockchain tokens. As soon as we sign this novation contract, and when our backend is ready to
send you said tokens on the blockchain, this will happen. As I said before: 20% of the tokens you
bought will be available immediately and there will be 12 contracts kept in vesting for the next
12 months, meant for the distribution of the tokens you acquired.

When will it be possible to see the purchased tokens?

We believe that we will succeed by the end of May. This is the approach that we hope will lead
to no more surprises until the end of May, which will be when we’d want to have the tokens in
the individual wallets.

Where can we see, transparently, how many coins will be sold in the private sale, how many have already been sold, and what are the thresholds?

We will communicate this to you. I don’t have a calculation right now, but we want to be
transparent — it’s no secret how much we sold — I just don’t have the calculation to give to you
right now. We will tell you exactly how much was sold. As I have said, we have 440 customers
who already bought their tokens. From the moment the bonding curve goes into operation, the
price will increase for every 10,000 new customers, by one cent (USD). – From 22.04.21 AMA

For each level, there are 20 million tokens – 20 million for 5 cents, 20 million for 6 cents, 20
million for 7 cents. There aren’t many left on the 5 cents level. I expect the 5 cents will be gone
by the end of the month if things keep going as they have been going, and that we’ll move up to
the 6 cents level. – From 21.05.21 AMA

How many investors do we have so far?

We currently have 440 contracts with investors. as of AMA 22.04.21

Is it possible to get a refund if I feel the project hasn’t delivered on what was promised?

In the contract, at point 9, it says that there is no possibility of a refund. However, they can be recovered when we have an active exchange.

2.3.2 Public Sale

When will the bonding curve go into effect?

We want it to be on July 1st.

ONLY tokens purchased after the Bonding Curve is implemented will benefit from the 20% x 5 bonus.

This is due to the way the Bonding Curve is implemented – that is, through blockchain
technology. Thus, it simply can’t and won’t be retroactive, as it’s fully automated, and can apply
only to tokens that have it incorporated via smart contract – i.e. after the Bonding Curve has been implemented.

All referrals, regardless if made at the very start of the project, now, or after the Bonding Curve has been implemented, will benefit from the 2% referral bonus.

When will the token be listed on exchanges?

The listing decision is an important one and, first of all, there will be liquidity in the bonding
curve. So, the bonding curve has both a token selling mechanism and has a token buying
mechanism. Everyone who wants to sell tokens will be able to do so through the bonding curve.
We will use exchange listings to definitely increase the number of users and we will start
negotiating these listings as well. We have not yet made any decision and we will let you know when these decisions are approaching.

Do you plan on ensuring equal price points on all 3 blockchains? If so, how will that be possible?

I believe that is a thing that would benefit all of us. However I cannot provide yet more
information regarding this aspect. What I can say for sure, is that, we will be transparent regarding our approach towards the price on all three blockchains.

3.Welthee Ecosystem

3.1 Welthee Wallet

What are the advantages to having a Welthee wallet?

The Welthee wallet is intrinsically linked to the Welthee ecosystem and platform, there is also
the added benefit of it being a universal wallet meaning you can store a variety of currencies
making managing your finances that much easier.

I know people who have lost money on transfer due to not selecting the correct transfer protocol when dealing with multiple blockchains. In this case, how will it proceed?

We are aware of the technical challenges involved in transferring tokens between blockchains.
For now, it is premature to communicate the technical solutions before announcing the blockchains on which the rest of the tokens will exist.

What we can say is that there will be no risk of losing tokens when transferring between blockchains.

Will it be possible to move the coins to a cold wallet?

Yes, this feature will be available.

3.2 Welthee Platform

3.2.1 Welthee App

When can we have access to the beta testing app?

The app is now available for testing, access is currently only available to existing investors, who
are contacted by email with the details necessary to install the latest build for their device.

On which platforms will the Welthee app be available?

Initially, the app is being developed for iOS and Android.

Are there any plans for the app to be available on other platforms in the future?

We are thinking about connecting our app with trading platforms, but this is a decision that will
probably be taken sometime next year. At the moment it’s just on mobile.

Are there any plans to develop the app on PC as well?

We’ve decided to be mobile-only, at least for this year. That means the wallets will be only on
iOS and Android – the wallets related to blockchain.We don’t know if it will be needed to have a
web app or not. We want our community to tell us, and we’ll see if there is a real need to have
it on the web. Traffic is increasing on mobile, a lot more people use their mobile and we might
not need a web app, but we’ll see about it later.

What solutions are used for the Welthee platform?

Our solutions will be deployed on the Amazon Cloud, also called AWS (Amazon Web Services).
We will be using cutting-edge and very consecrated technologies by everyone in this industry,
for example, Kubernetes in terms of managing backend workloads, which is used by
telecommunications companies and banks.
We will implement the backend through a microservices approach, we were required to write
one ourselves, from scratch.

We have now published not one, but two of the open-source microservices that are being used
in Welthee’s backend, developed by the Head of Platform Development, Máté Lang (his tweet
can be found here (

❇️ go-ethereum-aws-kms-tx-signer
( little package eases
integration with AWS KMS in your GoLang Ethereum project, by extending the functionality
offered by the official go-ethereum library.
❇️ Dinonce
( nonce ticketing service which we use at Welthee to
process transactions(tx) with multiple tx executors, making sure that we avoid:
🔹filling a network’s tx pool by having gaps in our nonce sequences

What is the level of security for the Welthee Applications?

We use bulletproof technology to make our smart contracts and technology impenetrable. We run regular security audits, training, update our tools regularly.

The infrastructure we are building on, currently, is one built with the technology and approach
called “infrastructure as code” and we can review, audit, and control who has rights to have and
to approve certain changes in firewall rules, network configurations, machine configurations,
approving a new version to be installed on our cloud. This is a pretty modern process and one
that is used frequently, especially in companies where this traceability, this audit record is very
important, meaning most companies that do anything with money and that have to prove it use this strategy.

On the other hand, in Amazon, we collaborated with partners that are experts on security and
AWS consultants, we designed a multi-account architecture. This means that physically, in our data centers, in certain platforms, for example, the beta testing platform, or the development
platform will be separate from the production platform where not even us, developers, will
have access outside of the normal maintenance process. So, I can say that we are up to date with absolutely all standards that you’d expect from a bank.

We have also signed a contract with the number one identity management company globally,
for our employees using the backend that will later manage portfolios, but will initially distribute your tokens.

Blockchain transactions can be sent in various ways, but we want to be able to send them in an
audited way – we made the design, a certain workflow through which our colleagues can make
sure that the tokens reach their destination through these vesting contracts, meaning the beneficiaries will be proven as the real ones that signed the contract.

We also put a lot of effort into the transaction processing engine that would also allow for good
traceability – being able to know at what time, what type of transaction happened and if there
were errors we try again because nothing is certain, not even the blockchain; it can refuse
certain transactions one moment and then we have to try them again.

About Polygon (the 2nd blockchain):

WELT PolygonScan link:

Polygon is an interoperability and scaling framework for building interconnected blockchain
networks and its multi-chain system resolves the traditional Ethereum’s issues of throughput
and scaling. It also has very low gas fees and fast execution.
Because of the exorbitant gas fees and congestion on Ethereum, we plan to issue tokens for all
our clients, including the tokens for the bonding curve, on Polygon. Please bear in mind that this
will require more development time on Polygon and we will adjust the roadmap accordingly as
soon as possible.
If you would like to review further technical details, please feel free to check out their
technology ( and documentation (

There are several reasons why we chose Polygon. First of all, compatibility with Ethereum. All
smart contracts already audited on Ethereum can be used without any modification. Then
secondly very low gas fees. There are already many projects developed on Polygon which is important for the ecosystem … see here

Regarding Polygon, we did not ask them to publish something and it is not the case to conclude
a contract with them. The blockchain is public and anything can develop on their infrastructure.
Here is a good article on this:
m-8ad580ec387 . Trading costs are very low and will be to our advantage.

Welthee tokens will be created on Polygon. We are working hard to start migrating back office
tokens to the blockchain by the end of this month (June).

If I see an error or a bug how can I contact you?

e-mail [email protected] if you have any technical queries.

Do you have a customer support chat or a phone number included in the app?

Yes, there is a support feature provided within the Welthee app that you can use.

Will the app be available in other languages, or only in English?

The app is currently available in Romanian and we have plans to translate it into other languages as well.

What blockchain is the app being run on?

This version of the application will run on a test blockchain – Ropsten Testnet Network (

3.2.2 Investments

What is the Welthee Launchpad?

What is the risk mitigation method?

The risk mitigation method, found on page 33 of the white paper (check this page number
before posting) shows how the profits or loss from a portfolio are distributed in accordance with
the risk amount chosen by investors.

The risk mitigation method, found on page 33 of the white paper (check this page number before posting) shows how the profits or loss from a portfolio are distributed in accordance with the risk amount chosen by investors.

I hope that by the end of the year we will have an answer from the authorities on this.

Do I have insurance on my Welthee investments?

Welthee is allocating tokens in an insurance fund to compensate any losses may occur in the
near zero risk portfolios. Our commitment is to offer truly zero risk. The insurance fund will
grow through participating with a percentage of the fund in the low risk liquidity pool. In the
future we plan to also purchase additional insurance from a global insurance company.

When will the investment portfolios be available?

Phase 1 of the portfolio smart contracts and the Gold based portfolios are projected for Q4 2021.

TOKHIT – The first Welthee Launchpad project:

The first company to appear on the Welthee Launchpad will be TOKHIT – The First Social
Network made for People, Professionals, Creatives & Artists powered by NFT & Blockchain

In July we will release the HIT Paper, the iOS Prototype, and we will start the TOKHIT Token Sale.
Details regarding the price and how to buy will be released to the community in due course.

Please visit the website to see more details about the project.

Investing in TOKHIT

Only existing Welthee investors with a minimum of $1,000 investment can qualify to invest
through our Launchpad in TOKHIT. At this stage it is not yet possible to invest the acquired
Welthee tokens into TOKHIT, a new investment is required.

How do you select the portfolios?

We invest in companies that have a great product and a brilliant team, and which received
financing from at least one other VC fund. Also, it is important that the roadmap for the
following year has major events that give a good chance for the token price to grow 500%.
We have developed a proprietary formula for selecting the companies we invest in.

Is it better to go for 0% risk or higher risk?

It depends on what you are comfortable with, higher risk has the potential to yield a greater profit, but there is also the possibility of a greater loss.

How does 0% risk work?

3.2.3 Account Types

What do I need to do to be a Money Manager?

In order to receive the right to manage accounts for others, portfolio managers are required to maintain 1 million Welthee tokens.

Do I receive training after I will have 1 million Welthee tokens to be able to be a Money Manager?

At the money manager’s disposal will be unprecedented risk mitigation tools, a wide variety of financial instruments, and even fully automated portfolios.

What advantages do I have if I want to make an Institution?

Broker-dealers, investment funds, and other financial institutions will be able to offer their
clients non-custodial investment accounts with a large variety of low-risk and high-risk portfolios, buy and hold wallets, and cold storage vault.

3.3 Welthee Card

When will the Welthee card be released?

The Welthee card is currently projected for 2022, as it is dependent of the infrastructure of the
platform already being in place, it is planned for later in the development cycle

4.Welthee Project

Is this a Swiss or a Romanian project?

We have a company in Switzerland where Welthee is registered as trademark.

The company Capitera AG, which is registered in Switzerland, owns the Welthee brand.

The marketing and development are made by the Safe Invest Tech SRL from Romania.

Is there a list of the entire Welthee team, split by departments and with the training the members have?

Next week we will post a new version of our web page where the main people from the team
will have their LinkedIn profiles shown and you’ll be able to see details about everyone, but
there are a lot of people who won’t be there. Some because they do not wish to be, and we
respect their decision, but there are also some people that I don’t want to make public, and not
even the internal team will know their identities. These are a few of our experts that we are
collaborating with, some of them full time, that are involved in decisions regarding portfolio
development, choosing companies we’ll be investing in. It’s an internal decision, it’s important,
we want these people to be protected and there is a lot to discuss in this area, but those people
will not be made public. But part of the team will be public next week. – From AMA 21-05-21

Where was the logo inspired from?

I worked on branding with Andrei, with Vandy, I told him about the platform; our company is
called Capitera AG, it’s registered in Switzerland. He told me that it’s too cold, too institutional,
we have to do something about it. He came up with the idea of naming the platform Welthee,
and after that decision was taken, of course, we had to work on a logo.
Now, a few details about the brand. The core of the brand is friendship, and the archetype of
the brand is the hero, the one that intervenes in difficult situations – these are a few things
written in our brand manual. We looked at the superhero world, the ones that make the world a
better place, that generate energy, the superhero that is disciplined, focused, and determined.
A hero is someone that protects the ones in difficulty. As an organization, we want our employees and teams to be efficient, each member of the team to significantly develop and
contribute to the team’s performance.
Now, if you look at the logo, you can see a bird, a flying bird that takes us to financial freedom.
We also looked a bit at Batman, at Wayne Enterprises, and although I’m personally not very into
the superhero world, I thought the story was interesting. My daughter likes heroes a lot; I had
interesting conversations with her and Vandy, and in the end, we settled on this version that we
like, and that has received very good feedback. – from 21.05.21 AMA

4.1 Roadmap

4.2 Partnerships

What does the BRD Partnership entail?

This is not the bank that everyone in Romania knows, but it is a product, an application, a
project with a considerable reputation in the world of crypto, and with a solid positioning of
their universal wallet. We started collaborating with BRD using their wallet kit — the SDK they
provide to help mobile clients use more blockchains, and thus have a universal wallet in

Will Polygon be making an official announcement as well?

All legal proceedings have been initiated but no further aspects of the contract can be detailed
until its implementation.
But when we have more details that we can make public, we will let you know

4.3 PR Questions

What is the history of Welthee? When was it launched? Who is the owner?

Before Welthee was branded as such, Capitera AG was registered in 2018 in the canton of Zug,
Switzerland, reaching its minimum viable product in the next year (2019). It went through
rebranding, changing the project name from Capitera to Welthee, a name that would represent
the concept of ‘your financial buddy’, that we want to pass on. The company SAFE TECH INVEST
SRL was founded in Romania, which manages the project on a technical development side and
manages the implementation of the marketing strategy, with Romanian and international
partners. Further landmarks have been the release of the closed Alpha stage of the wallet for
iOS and Android and the beginning of the Private Sale in Q1 2021.

The platform has not been launched yet. A detailed breakdown of our Roadmap can be found
on page 65 of our White Paper, found on our website:

The project’s Founder, CEO, and Visionary is Cristian Voaides – a veteran trader with a significant
history in his field, specifically on the stock exchanges in America, Germany, and other
important European markets.

Welthee was born as a personal challenge that Mr Cristian Voaides encountered in his career. At
one point there was an opportunity from a Spanish investment fund that had a cash fund of 70
million EUR to make investments with, but with one condition – they did not allow the loss to be
greater than 1%. Until then, the best portfolios were with an average loss of 10%. However, this
lost opportunity managed to sire the idea behind which Welthee was formed, with the help of
blockchain technologies.

What countries do current investors come from? Why now promotion in Romania?

As for our investors, most are from Romania and have typically been onboarded by word of
mouth, due to our founder being from Romania. We are only now starting our international
marketing push, so the current crop of investors is all organic.

As for the promotion itself, it’s because we want to change the rough investment mentality and
paradigm. This field should no longer be reserved only for those with very high incomes and
investors with millions of dollars in cash. With the implementation of new blockchain
technologies, a new era opens up for small and medium investors who until now did not have
access to such tools.

What does it propose for Romania?

Welthee aims for Romania to bring investments into the hands of all people. To offer a real
chance at a better lifestyle with the help of entrepreneurial and financial education as well as by
guiding step by step towards new opportunities offered by smart investments in the portfolios
that will be present in the Welthee application with the help of smart contracts. That said,
Romania is simply the starting point. Welthee is a global project and does not restrict itself to
the Romanian market.

Who is it for? The main target in Romania.

The main target in Romania for Welthee are people with average and above-average incomes
who understand that the crypto market represents new opportunities, that blockchain technologies revolutionize the world, much as the internet itself did in the 90s, and who are
interested in a new lifestyle and financial education. These people can start with a zero-risk
investment and then along the way they can risk and earn more, as they begin to better
understand the markets, portfolios, and investment mechanisms.

We also address large, financially powerful investors who accept a higher risk for a higher
estimated profit and who are already experienced in the field of investments.

That said, we have done our best to open up investments to anyone that has some spare
income and is interested in achieving Financial Freedom. Zero fees and automated investment
portfolios help immensely in this regard and open up the world of DeFi to as broad a
demographic as possible, enabling investing to start from as little as $50. Everyone is welcome,
no matter their social status, education, ethnicity, creed, or orientation. Welthee is for

What is the appetite for financial investments in European countries versus Romania?

In the last few years, Romania has had some of the largest economic upswings in Europe, with
more and more Romanians able to save up money and invest.

To offer some up numbers, in 2020, the Romanian startup ecosystem has constantly expanded,
startups attracting 50% more local capital than in the previous year. According to a recent
report, there were 58 investments with a total of 30.39 million EUR, representing a 6% increase
in the volume of investments and a 51% increase in investments.

Startups that received a first-time investment have doubled in 2020, compared to the previous
year, rising from 18 to 39, with the total amount growing from 5.65 million EUR to 13.92 million
EUR. On average, the value of an investment received by a Romanian startup at the start of their
journey also increased, to 357,000 EUR, a 12% increase compared to 2019.

Degree in financial education in Romania versus European countries

Unfortunately, based on EU statistics, Romanians are placed last in terms of financial education

What are Welthee’s advantages over other financial investment platforms?

➢ Zero fees, other than the transaction costs required by the blockchain;
➢ Variable risk, up to as little as 0% risk – so far there has been no such option that caters
to novice investors as well as veterans;
➢ Non-custodial platform – we do not directly manage the money of our investors/clients;
➢ Multiple placements with small budgets. An account can be created with as little as $50;
➢ Each portfolio has a stop-loss, a profit target, and a time limit – this takes out the
emotional aspect of investing and limits the potential for loss;
➢ Each portfolio comes pre-diversified, as it is composed of several derivatives, and thus
spreads out the risks involved in investing.

What is the main differentiator from the competition?

Flexible risk, including zero risk, while making investment easily accessible on a non-custodial
platform, with a universal wallet incorporated, and giving access to passive income streams.
Smart contracts manage portfolios according to pre-planned parameters. Community of Money
Managers who can guide those who are not yet seasoned.

How the platform works. Step by step

The platform is not live – currently in investor-only closed alpha testing, with the plan being to
release it to app stores (both iOS and Android) at the end of May.

Here are the steps we have planned:

● download the app
● confirm your phone number
● confirm your email
● note down the security key phrase (12 words that need to be noted down)
● confirm the security key phrase
● the wallet addresses are automatically created, for all blockchains included in the
● Welthee tokens can be bought via VISA or MasterCard
● Welthee tokens can then be invested in projects included in the launchpad, in staking, or

What are the conditions to invest in Welthee?

● user has to be at least 18 years old
● email address
● phone number
● agrees to the Terms and Conditions relating to the buying and selling of tokens
● payment

What kind of investments are available? From which business categories?

At the moment, we can only offer Welthee tokens, given that the platform is not yet live. The
first financial product that will be on the platform will be an NFT product – the identity of which
will be announced in July 2021.

In what currency can investments be made?

In terms of our current private sale, we accept RON through our Romanian company and crypto
via our Swiss company.

In terms of on-platform investments, once it goes live, the Welthee app is going to enable
investors to hold/exchange/trade in many different currencies. The most popular likely being:
the US dollar (USD), euro (EUR), pound sterling (GBP), and the Japanese yen (JPY). Furthermore,
given that Welthee will first be released on the Ethereum blockchain, it shall accept ETH

What are the risks? How can you assess the risks?

In terms of investing now in the project, while we are in the Private Sale, the greatest risk
involved is the uncertainty of Romanian law in regards to crypto and digital wallets – given that
such laws are yet to be passed.

In terms of investing once the platform goes live – the risks are variable, meaning that those
who prefer to play it safe can do so, while risk-takers can put more on the line for higher
rewards. People can opt-in based on their desired risk-profit margins:

● 0% risk = lower profits, but the investment will be protected
● 100% risk = much higher profits, but the investment is at risk from non-performing

Anything in between is done at a sliding scale between the two.

Alternatively, people can choose to let their investments be handled by veteran brokers that
invest on behalf of others, but are paid with a percentage of the profit margins involved.

What are the steps to become an investor?

We are currently in the Private Sale portion of Welthee’s investor acquisitions process.
Prospective customers must:

● create a account
● a sell-buy contract is created
● the money is transferred
● the tokens will be transferred thereafter

Our sales department can be contacted for any further details: link.

How can I use the money I earn on Welthee? Can they be transferred to a bank card?

Welthee tokens will be interchangeable with ETH and other digital currencies. A Welthee debit
card will be issued that is linked to the Welthee Wallet. This can be used for everyday purchases,
cash withdrawals and any other expenses.

What guarantees does Welthee offer?

Welthee has several mechanisms for protecting investments, particularly for those that have
opted for 0% risk.

These include:
– High-risk investors protect low-risk investors;
– Insurance Fund;
– Antifragile Fund;
– Non-Custodial Platform;
– Each portfolio is executed through a fully automated smart contract;
– Each portfolio has a stop-loss, a profit target, and a time limit;
– Portfolios do not go into the market unless the entire amount for the stop-loss is committed to
the portfolio.

Furthermore, the smart contracts will be audited by reputable agents, and after some months
of operation, we intend to close insurance deals on these, to cover the technological risks

What are the arguments that give Welthee credibility?

● Decentralized blockchain technologies assure that no one has access to, or can block,
individual accounts.
● Welthee is the first platform in the world that can offer zero risks in a volatile market.
● The welthee team is made up of strong professionals.
● Welthee offers multiple ways to gain passive income and attain Financial Freedom

5.Unanswered Questions

5.1 Community Questions

Why the public sale has an ending?, Is that only for the bonding curve and after that final day
it will be launched on the exchanges?

5.2 Original FAQ Questions

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How can I send money to someone who do not have a Welthee exchange?

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If I buy Welthee tokens with my bank card from my bank account will I have problems with that bank?

When is the release date of Welthee app?

Can I set up active notification on my Welthee app? – (for ex. when a portofolio exit from Profit Target and I receive my money and my profit?)

Can I see other contacts that have a Welthee app installed?

How can I buy from your Welthee store? with money? with tokens?

Do I have an option if I want to make a gift to someone some things from Welthee store to buy them and write their home address?

Where I can see all the people that invested or made an account with my referral code?

Can I see in what I can invest my money?

Why is only possible to see what I invest my money after the investment?

Do I need to pay any tax to the state as Money Manager or Institution?

Is this card attached to Welthee wallet only? or it can be attached to many other wallets?

What advantages will Welthee card have from other cards?

How can I apply for the card?

How can I set up the pin code?

What do I have to do if I lose my card, or someone stole my card?

How can I have a new card?

What are the differences between a Premium Welthee card and a Black Welthee card?

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Can I use my Welthee card in any country? at any store? What are the exceptions?

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How much can I cash out free from charges?

How much can I pay by card free of charges on one transaction? and in one day?

Are crypto ATM’s for crypto coin or crypto token?

Do I have an option to create a disposable digital Welthee card inside Welthee app? (like
Revolut have, if you want to buy something online, and after to delete that digital card
number, for safety purpose, and to create another digital card number for the next purchase).

Do I have money insurance on my Welthee card? and if yes what is the maximum amount?

What fees do customers have to pay with Welthee?

Fees from the Welthee card are?

Fees from transactions?

Fees from exchanges?

Legal fees if you withdraw cash using your Welthee card?

Legal fees if you only pay by your card?

Are the fees different if you buy a crypto coin like Bitcoin, than if you buy a crypto token?

Do banks see how much money I have in my wallet?

What is the commission if I take money with my Welthee card from a regular ATM? what
about from a crypto ATM?

What commission will I have to pay if I transfer money from my wallet, into a bank account?

Will that money be blocked from the bank?

Will banks ask me for documents to show them from where I have my money from?

Will the state I live in ask for documents to proof the provenience of my money from crypto?

What should I do to avoid my money to be blocked my the state I live in or banks? How is the best way to spend it?

It is recommended to make an account in a country that is a tax haven so I will be sure I will have my crypto savings safe?