Financial IQ & Prosperity

Financial intelligence and its huge impact on everyone’s prosperity

Financial IQ is becoming increasingly popular as of late in mainstream publications and articles, but what is it? Financial IQ (FiQ or FQ) is defined as the ability to obtain and manage wealth by understanding how money works. Like EQ (emotional quotient), FQ derived its name from IQ (intelligence quotient).

The importance of Financial IQ and its effect on our spending habits and approach to money is what we aim to cover in this article.

Why is Financial IQ relevant?

  • First off, within the field of finance, the determining factor or factors needed to be identified that differentiated those that succeed from those that make uninspired decisions and fail to manage their finances correctly, even though their IQ would indicate otherwise.
  • Secondly, because achieving prosperity through work and investment seemed to be only a small part of a larger puzzle and it was, therefore, necessary to complete it with all the elements that make it up.
  • And thirdly, because the hyper-technologicalization and digitalization of the times we are living in have brought with them unprecedented challenges that require a completely different approach, especially in the sphere of financial investments; doubly so in regards to the development of blockchain and the crypto market.

Can the development of our own financial intelligence coefficient change our lives for the better? It’s more of a rhetorical question, of course. The really relevant question is – how? How do we increase our financial intelligence so that we can successfully manage our financial plans and have those recurring, even passive, incomes that ensure a prosperous life?

There is a pressing need for financial education, especially in the field of crypto, where in recent years the market has been invaded by various projects, many unsustainable, and a flood of totally unprepared ‘investors’ that have approached the market, with the results being catastrophic for many.

How do we elevate our financial intelligence and how do we reach that level of stability where we can distinguish between good and bad investments, when faced with the real opportunities and mirages of the financial world? Welthee set out to answer this question and has even decided to make it part of our mission – to be, among others, dedicated to financial education.

Financial education will be an important pillar of Welthee’s contribution to the general public, as people with a high level of financial intelligence will gradually change the quality of the crypto market.

Why education? Because investing in education can shape perspectives concerning personal finance. This leads to a better mindset that can then shift, in a very tangible manner, the thin line between success and failure.

Perspective and mindset are two closely related elements, especially when it comes to analyzing the mentality of many financially successful people. As we mentioned above, having a well-paid job or having a sustainable business and making smart choices with your financial portfolio are some of the key attributes of those who have done well in life, but it all starts from mindset and perspective, which form the foundation of the financial pillar of one’s life.

Welthee summarized some of the key attributes that complete the puzzle of an above-average FQ. What would these be? What characteristics do people with a high FQ display?

  1. They are more interested in value than price

In most contexts, value is more important than price. This means that most of the choices that such people make have as a differentiator the perceived value of a product/service. They don’t look for the lowest prices, it’s not the price that primarily influences their decisions. When using various services, financially successful people seek quick access to information, expertise, and well-known providers. They seek the value that experts or specialists can offer at the expense of the price criterion. In the long run, this behaviour not only brings added value in the life of the value seeker but will also save time and money, as examples in which non-specialists have cost more than a specialist being aplenty. People who enjoy financial success have learned this and do not waste time, money, or energy with products/services that do not truly give them value.

  1. They have a mindset trained for prosperity

Those who enjoy financial success have learned that there are plenty of opportunities in life. They no longer live in fear. We believe the most important feature of the prosperity-trained mindset is that decisions are owned and made with clarity; not out of fear. Well-calculated and smart decisions are the ones that bring long-term results.

  1. They consider time more important than money

Those who enjoy financial success use money to save time and not the other way around. There is a noticeable difference here, and those who understand this aspect, begin to value time much more so than money. In countless situations, these people will hire a professional to perform a service that they themselves could perform, but perhaps over a longer period of time and with more energy. By delegating time and energy-consuming tasks they can focus on business, innovation, and the sustainability of their financial life.

  1. They plan for the long term

Long-term planning relies on using your patience, discipline, and dedication to adapt, even when things don’t seem to line up the way you want them to. People who enjoy financial success do not rely on spur-of-the-moment decisions, they are not reactionary to what is happening in the short term. By no means do they get caught up in apocalyptic news or various doom and gloom scenarios. Their life consists of long-term planning. They analyze, evaluate, and then plan their future.

  1. They create contexts of opportunity

One of the important factors that people with a higher FQ have mastered, is the creation of contexts of opportunity. Often, contexts of opportunity can be created with minimal resources and maybe just a little more inspiration. Usually, people who enjoy prosperous lives and financial abundance choose relevant goals, are present where they are needed, and invest in networking and strategic partnerships, so that they have access to quality information and are kept up-to-date with news in the financial field.

Many people who enjoy financial success have various attributes that have contributed to their wealth, and the ones presented above are those from which the construction of a financially fulfilled life starts.

In conclusion, we want to convey that this article is a first step in addressing financial education and developing the financial intelligence of those who want a more prosperous life.

Welthee’s social contribution mission is aimed at providing financial education, with the intent of raising financial intelligence as a whole, leading to more prosperity in everyone’s lives.

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