Welthee is the time to invest in your financial future

We live in extraordinary times due to progress achieved in multiple areas and particularly in the realm of possibility in terms of materializing ideas and projects that might have seemed impossible to accomplish a few decades ago.

Businesses that are launched overnight, companies that become known after a viral video, people that have access to financial information and investment platforms just a click away – all supported by an unprecedented digital context.

Everything is in motion, everything is changing with an overwhelming speed, therefore talking about the stability of a financial future sounds like a utopia since instability seems to be the only constant.

And yet if we are to look at financial investments such as digital assets in the crypto area, despite the poignant volatility of the market, it seems to be an established fact that we live in the perfect times for investing.

What we are going through today in terms of blockchain technology and the crypto industry resembles the internet in the early 90s.

Let us recall how in 1995 the internet became commercially available with the birth of SSL. Even though online companies existed before 1995, only in this year, with the appearance of SSL created by Netscape, did financial online transactions become more secure (such as card payments). Then, once Google appeared on the internet in 1998, the way in which people looked up information online was revolutionized.

Today, we see how digitalization and technological advancement invaded every field. More than that, we began realistically talking about gene therapies that can reverse time, about gene therapies that artificially replicate organs and other advanced biotechnologies, about real-time data transfer, smart contracts and blockchain transactions without intermediary banking.

Decentralization and democratization are, without exaggeration, a certainty for the future of many industries, including the area of financial portfolio investment projects, accessible until recently only to players with substantial investing power.

On crypto markets, after years of restlessness and volatility, the emergence of projects that would balance this discrepancy and would democratize the access of small investors to the investment, crypto and non-crypto markets was needed.

A significant role in decentralizing the financial investments system on the digital and non-digital financial assets market will be played by Welthee, which has already started implementing the facilitation system of up to zero risk investments for people who want to invest accessible sums, for starters, and want to have the possibility to choose their financial risk.

If we are to talk about investments and securing a prosperous future, most people see only one financial solution, the classic one, in which they work hard as employees in a company, save up or take up loans and buy what they need. But this does not equal prosperity. Prosperity does not come with a degree of debt and it does not create emotional and physical discomfort.

That is why Welthee decided to offer another approach, different from the ones available so far, through which every person will prosper as there are more options than just the classic ones.

Welthee is an ecosystem dedicated to crypto and non-crypto financial investments, aimed at the ones who wish to invest sums of over $50, commission-free, with the option of selecting the risk percentage, between close to 0 and 100%.

The concept it is based on is innovative compared to the classic investment exchange as sound knowledge of trading is not required.

Welthee empowers you to invest in a better financial future. You choose the sum you invest, you choose your portfolios and the risk percentage, and the AI-based system does the work for you.

Easy, innovative, and good for your financial future. Find out more about Welthee, your financial buddy.

What is your plan to reach your future’s financial stability ?

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