Welthee Launchpad is the Future of Raising Funds

Welthee is an investment fund focused on exponential projects. As per 'the 6Ds of exponential organizations', presented by Peter Diamandis, we aim to become a sequentially Digitized, Deceptive, Disruptive, Demonetized, Dematerialized, and Democratized cryptographic blockchain investment fund.

Our main focus is risk mitigation.

We’ve combined venture capitalist funds with the 6Ds of exponential growth.

So every Welthee investment is based on this concept.

An important set of criteria for our investments are 'the 6Ds of exponential organizations', introduced by Peter Diamandis. "The 6Ds are a chain reaction of technological progression, a roadmap of rapid development that always leads to enormous upheaval and opportunity."

1. Digitized

"Anything that is digitized becomes information-based technology and enters exponential growth."


2. Deceptive

"When something is digitized, its initial period of growth is deceptive because exponential trends don't seem to grow very fast at first."


3. Disruptive

"The existing market for a product or service is disrupted by the new market the exponential technology creates because digital technologies outperform in effectiveness and cost."


4. Demonetized

"Money is increasingly removed from the equation as the new technology becomes cheaper, often to the point of being free."


5. Dematerialized

Separate physical products are removed from the equation. Technologies that were bulky or expensive – radio, camera, GPS, video, phones, maps are now all in a smartphone."


6. Democratized

"Once something is digitized, more people can have access to it. Powerful technologies are no longer only for governments, large organizations, or the wealthy."

Life cycle of a Business

There are five phases in the life of any business: startup, rapid growth, maturity, decline and rebirth or death. We plan to invest in the 'rapid growth' time frame. We invest in companies that have a great product and a brilliant team, and which received financing from at least one other VC fund. Also, it is important that the roadmap for the following year has major events that give a good chance for the token price to grow 500%. We have developed a proprietary formula for selecting the companies we invest in.

Welthee is developing a launchpad for companies that passed the startup phase and are entering into the rapid growth phase. Our proprietary risk mitigation method based on non-custodial portfolios is going to help millions of investors benefit from the exponential growth of the fund.